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Hi, thanks for coming to our blog – The Jovial Sailor! Amidst your fast running life, it’s a pleasure to see you take time out and visit us.

The Jovial Sailor is not about an individual, but someone, or say that little part, that dwells deep within every one of us. It is not a story of a Sailor as it may seem, but then it does carry experiences of life that would enthuse you.

Here, you will find stories that sprinkle positivity in your life. Tales that would inspire and motivate you. Chronicles that would swing your mood. Anecdotes that would stir your soul. Like a swelling sea has its own share of ups and downs, life has a set of its own harsh realities of life.

The Jovial Sailor is a community of individuals who hail from different walks of life and love to share their piece of mind – a group of people who believe in spreading happiness, positivity, and joy.

Here we talk about everything from breaking stereotypes to being non-judgmental and are unbiased and narrate raw accounts of life journeys. They say every moment has a story to tell. Every story has a different set of learnings; every learning teaches us something or the other.

Life is not as complicated we see it, maybe it is our perspective. It is not so easy either, as it seems to it. So, if you are an individual who has an eye for detail and would like to contribute their experiences in writing, then please feel free to share here.

Because motivating and inspiring your peers is never an old thing. Because you never know, reading a stranger’s experience might just spring an element for you to remember.

May the journey of your life be a happy one. Let us all sail through our difficult times and emerge strengthened. And no matter what, you will sail through them. Be a sailor.

Happy Sailing!

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