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Rama Navami Poem 2021: Rama Navami is here and people are excited to celebrate the festive event. However, with Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions in place, the festivities of Rama Navami will be mainly at homes. The occasion of Rama Navami is a Hindu festival which commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Rama, who is also the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Several traditions and customs are observed on this holy day. (Also read: आओ करें नव-वर्ष का स्वागत!)

Rama Navami 2021 will be observed on April 21, i.e., Wednesday. Here’s a look at a short Rama Navami poem that is written in praise of Lord Rama, which you will love to share with your friends, family members, colleagues, and on social media as well. (Also read: मैंने दुनिया को, अब बंद आँखों से देखना सीख लिया है..)

Rama Navami Poem: A short poem in regards of Lord Rama in Hindi

राम ह्रदय में है मेरे,

राम ही धड़कन में है।

राम मेरी आत्मा में,

राम ही जीवन में है।

राम हर पल में है,

राम ही हर साँस में।

राम हर आशा में मेरी,

राम ही हर आस में।

राम ही करुणा में है,

शान्ति में राम है।

राम ही हैं एकता में,

प्रगति में राम हैं।

राम बस भक्तों नहीं,

शत्रु के भी चिंतन में है।

देख तज के पाप रावण,

राम तेरे मन में है।

राम तो घर घर में हैं,

राम हर आँगन में है।

मन से जो रावण निकाले,

राम उसके मन में है।

Devotees visit temples, offer fresh flowers, fruits, and special traditional food prepared to feed the deity of Lord Rama. There are stories about God Rama’s life, especially Ramayana, which forms the major part of Rama Navami celebrations on this auspicious day. There are bhajans and kirtans in high regards of Lord Rama to celebrate the festival of Ram Navami. (Also read: Short Poem on Life: आज!)

As we celebrate Rama Jayanti today, we at The Jovial Sailor wish that Lord Rama blesses you in abundance. Happy Rama Navami 2021!

Do tell us about your thoughts on this Ram Navami 2021 Poem in the comments section below. For more heart-warming poems and stories you want to read, you can click here. If you love making amazing food items for the summer season, check out this top Summer drinks’ recipes, and do not forget to share them with your loved ones.

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