Young SIblings Life Lessons

Hello young brothers and sisters! Often, we young siblings have all come across situations where we have done what our elders (siblings, parents, relatives, friends, etc.) have told us to do.

Things like:

— Not telling what’s happening

— Something is wrong

— Something that you assume will trouble the person whom you reveal

— Etc. (things/incidents are situational)

What we think (dilemma):

— It will break our trust

— I cannot tell, even if I know

— I cannot gossip about my brother/sister

— Etc. (things/incidents are situational)

What is reality?

It would help if you told it to someone, you think is close to them. The individual can be a good friend, a best friend, or maybe someone who knows your sibling better. Someone who will not reveal it in public. Someone who will not use against him/her. 

It’s okay to be dutiful, sincere, honest, and loyal. It’s really lovely and admiring. Every junior in the house should have this trait, where they obey the elders.

But if your gut says that something is wrong/fishy/not good/harming /not helping (or anything terrible – intuitively) etc. Do tell someone you trust. Please. Please. (Also read: Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: Here’s What His Unfortunate Death Teaches Us)

A lot of people go through a lot of things. And it makes us think – you are yourself in a bad situation, didn’t want to bug/bother/burden – you more.

I’m afraid that’s not right.

If the person you feel will genuinely care or look after your concern, you should share it with them.

More often than not, things/results will be better. You will be able to pull out your siblings from where you do not want them to be. (Also read: Republic Day Special Recipe: Try This Tri-Coloured Rice Combo, A Perfect Blend of Taste and Nutrition!)

I am sharing this from the harsh experiences of my life!

(Note: The post is about the general instances we come across in life. It is not directed to any person or any individual. It is just a reminder/note to the young ones to trust themselves (their instincts) and that they are not breaking any trust with their elders, if they are trying to save/salvage/improve the situation or their well-being.)

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