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No. I remember everything.

I haven’t forgotten the way you looked into my eyes.

I haven’t forgotten those eyes which told me how much you love me.

I haven’t forgotten when you first held my hand tightly and told me that you’ll be there to pick me up every time I fall.

I haven’t forgotten the promises you made.

I haven’t forgotten the way you wiped my tears away from my cheeks with your strong yet so soft fingers.

I haven’t forgotten the forehead kisses.

I haven’t forgotten the cuddles.

I haven’t forgotten the smiles we shared.

I haven’t forgotten the secrets we shared.

I haven’t forgotten the way you took my breath away and made me feel butterflies in my stomach.

I haven’t forgotten the day when you made me feel like I was your world.

I haven’t forgotten how you shooed away all my demons.

I haven’t forgotten anything.


But I guess you’ve forgotten some things. So just for the record I’ll remind you.

You looked away when I wanted you to just look into my eyes and understand me like you always did.

Your eyes had no love for me when I looked in them the last time.

You left my hand when I was a total mess begging you to just stay with me.

You broke every promise you made to me.

You made me cry for you every night.

You made me crave those tender forehead kisses.

You made me feel cold and vulnerable on the hottest day of May.

You left me breathless that I almost suffocated to death.

I felt all the butterflies of my stomach die and my gut sinking.

You made me believe that I didn’t matter to you, at all.

You became the biggest demon of my life.

I haven’t forgotten anything love, but I guess you did.

Written by Soumya Sonthaliya

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