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There are times in life when we feel down and little too low about things around us. However, there’s something that doesn’t let us go of things and how we want and where we want to see ourself. There’s hope, there lies a dream! Here’s a short poem, titled ‘For A Happy Life, I Dream’.

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The clocks tick,
My eyes blink,
Sleep is nowhere to be found,
In this silence so profound!

I hear the dogs howl,
On this sleeplessness, I scowl,
Overthinking is all I do,
Losing my temper is frequent too!

Dark fiction I’ve started to read,
In this darkness, my loneliness breathes,
A pen and paper, a soul so wild,
I never like my coffee mild!

I bleed through ink,
On madness’s brink,
The tears I blink,
My own words,
Make my heart sink,
Wandering like a pilgrim,
For a happy life, I dream!

Written by Namaswi Gupta

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