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Republic Day Poem: A Proud Indian

Life is for enjoying,

They always endured…


Life is to gain,

They always sacrificed…


Life is to play,

They just worked hard…


Life is for pleasure,

They never got leisure…


Life is about smiling,

They almost cried…


Life is to move on,

They stood their for us…


Life is about making your dreams come true,

They never dreamt, so that we can…


Life is to be happy,

They seldom got to…


Life is for living,

They sacrificed…


Being mortal is life,

They are immortalized in our hearts…


Its not that they never tried,

But they kept their feelings deep inside…


In their pride, we take pride,

Every person, every Indian was prized..


Today, they are not with us besides,

No tear of love ever dried..


We value their feelings, with every might,

May god bestow peace day & night,


With all our passion as vast as sky,

We salute their valour with our heads held high,


On this very day, lets all pray,

I wish you, a very Happy Republic Day!

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1 Comment

  1. Mehak says:

    Perfectly written. So mesmerizing!

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