Misconceptions About Writers
There are a lot of things what one thinks when they come across writers. A lot of things are presumed about them even before you have had a conversation with them in the first place. Well, here’s to those who think writers are this or that or have a specific set of characteristics — well, they don’t!
1. They’re depressed: No, not all writers are depressed, they’re happy and may have some problems in their life just like any other person.
2. They’re introverts: No, not all writers are introverts, they keep themselves away from socialising, they may not speak much, but they’re great observers.
3. They’re loners: No, writers are not loners they have their group of friends, and many of them are maintaining healthy relationships with the person they love.
4. Everything they write is their first-hand experience: Not everything a writer writes is her/his first-hand experience, it may be a random thought, observation or just imagination.
5. They’re way too dangerous: Yes, writers may seem serious about things, but they’re not, they too take things casually as everyone else does, they have their ways of having fun and they also have a child hidden in themselves as everyone else has.
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