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Holi is around the corner and the joy you see in children’s eyes is just so amazing, already. I remember, we as kids, used to celebrate this festival in such a grand manner that the kids’ celebrations these days, aren’t even an iota of it. More so, because of such vile campaigns that we see in the name of ‘save water’.

A lot of people become social activists for a day, many for weeks, while scores of people are only waiting for the festival, to come out spill their ‘pseudo-Gyan’. “Holi kab hai, Kab hai Holi?” seems to be their favourite dialogue around this festival in India.

Wastage of water is what you hear the most during the festival of Holi. But, do you actually waste a ‘lot’ of water?

Do you not eat a ‘lot’ while partying? Or do you not spend a ‘lot’ while you have fun? Don’t you go shopping ‘every’ month despite your wardrobe is ‘full’ of your untried favourites?

Or do you think, saving that ‘much’ amount of water for a day can solve the water scarcity crisis across the globe? Leave the world, let alone India? If so, why don’t you save water daily? Why don’t you shower-less daily and save water? Why don’t you not wash your car daily and save water? Why don’t you dry-clean your house daily and save water?

Sounds absurd right? It actually is. But you will not do it. Why? Because saying ‘save water’ on Holi seems too cool? But then, you will apply a stripe or two of colours on yourself, click a selfie, and wish everyone ‘A Very Happy Holi’ on every-damn-social-media-platform available. Not to forget the hashtags those come with it.

If it is so mandatory to post a selfie on your profile, then why not celebrate it humanely? If not celebrate, let the ones who are celebrating it with fervour. Why look down upon them as if the drought in parts of the world is because of water they used to play Holi would have helped deserts turn into grasslands!

Celebrating the festival has always been and should always be a choice.

If you do not want to play, don’t; stay indoors until the celebrations are on – they hardly last for a few hours these days. If you do not want to use water; don’t. If you want to play it with eco-friendly colours, you should. If you only believe in applying a ‘teeka’ in the name of colouring somebody, you are free to do it.

Yes, you should not tolerate any inappropriate ‘touching’ in the name of applying colours. You should tolerate anyone coercing to apply colour to you. You should not tolerate any misdemeanour targeted towards you in the name of fun, frolic or festival – but isn’t that how it should be always? And why make it a ‘thing’ that happens ‘only’ during Holi?


Wish you all a very Happy & Safe Holi!! #BuraNaManoHoliHai

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3 thoughts on “Happy Holi: The Myths Of Saving Water During ‘Festival of Colours’ #BuraNaManoHoliHai”
  1. Successfully wasted my 2 minutes reading this article! The most shitty articles I have ever read. Didi/bhaiya do some research first about the amount of water wasted and then write such sort of things.

  2. It’s okay. Everyone has their own views. Hope you had a safe and joyful Holi 🙂

  3. the most stupidest article I’ve read in my entire life.. People really need to get a hang of their lives and think before speaking

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