Motivational & Inspiring Poem

Another day, another life,
Someone’s daughter, someone’s wife!

Don’t ask for her name,
For people will find a religion in it,

Don’t ask about her dress,
For people would judge her by its length,

Don’t ask for the time,
For it won’t matter, be it six, seven, or even nine!

Don’t ask for her religion,
For politicians will extract mileage from the same.

Don’t ask for her fundamental rights,
For she is a girl and only an eye-candy to a man’s sight?

For every time it happens,
There’s always a hue and cry,
A sea of WhatsApp & Facebook statuses appears, questioning why!
With profile pictures updated,
A Candle March attended,
And Posts’ Liked, Shared, and Commented;
The satisfaction that we derive,
It’s nothing but our false ego on an overdrive.

I am not ashamed, for being a man;
For all the men are not the same,

I am appalled, yes I am,
To see the fear in her voice,
To see that tear in her eyes,

You may seem helpless, yes you are!
Think again, not entirely, you are.

For every abuse you hurl,
For every expletive, you speak,
You hurt her, you demean her existence!

For every glance, for every gaze,
For every stare, for every slang,
You fail her, you fail her beauty!

Let it not be just any other episode,
For animals don’t hunt with a warning.

Today it was her, tomorrow, it might be ‘her’!

Don’t do much, yes you shouldn’t.
Do a little, but do it often,
Help her learn and grow today,
Make her believe in tomorrow,
Live, laugh, and love,
Put the lust, lies, and lull behind you,
Oh yes, you can; thing is, will you?

Let the humanity in you prevail,
Let there be happiness & ensure a smooth sail,
Let there be a life, one can savour,

Let. It. Just. Not. Be.
As it would be Another Day, Another Life!

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