I have spent over five years in a boarding school in Dehradun – Raja Rammohan Roy Academy – which I fondly called my second home during my stay there. It was, in literal sense, a home away from home.

From getting up early in the morning to going to sleep early in the night (yes, this was a norm), from having our breakfasts together to sneakily cooking Maggi in the night – my friends and I have been through every ups and downs of a daily life. The bonds that we made, the chemistry that we shared, the friendships that we have maintained is second to none.

Here, in this short series, I present to you a few of my experiences, which I am sure a lot of the people who have lived in boarding schools or away from home for a period of time. For those who haven’t, this comes to you as a slice of a boarder’s life!


The bell rang,

Happiness kickd in,

Home was the nxt stop,

Friends were to b separated,

A pair of eyes gleamed in delight,

Hoping & wishing with a smile so bright,

After surviving for an entire tumultuous day,

Finally, the two were to be on their own melodious way!



The bell rang,

Everybody stood up,

An announcement made,

Something profoundly stupid,

With no logic, respite and mercy,

Fate sealed – another troublesome saga,

A chilly night, a stubborn batch & the drama,

All of it – the entire drama – played out in pretence, every year!



The bell rang,

Excitement in the air,

Teams were battle-ready,

There was lot of pride at stake,

With faith & fierceness in the eyes,

Everyone hopeful; a glance to the skies,

A lot of it was coming back; it felt so majestic,

A whistle blew.. the alarm rang; the golden days had just flashed by!

For someone who has lived a majority of his schooling life in a boarding school, I am sure you’ll be able to relate. Or, if you happen to be in the same school as I was in, I’d request your feedback! Do share your experiences and suggestions in the comments below; I’d be eager to read your memories.

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