It had been three months since Antara came to my home that night. I still was not able to figure out where did she go. And here I was in the middle of another sleepless night, wondering what had happened that day, yet again. I was tossing and turning on my bed, waiting for sleep to engulf me. The dawn would break in a while as I could see. I decided to get up and start reading a book after which I’ll go shopping for vegetables and groceries.

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Next day, I walked to the grocery store first, bought the required things and headed to the vegetable market. I was checking my social media notifications with one hand, while holding the other stuffs in another. I suddenly bumped into someone and fell with a thud, the other things followed me.

I got up and gasped seeing the person I crashed into “Antara”, “Rudra”, we both said at the same time. We just kept staring at each other for a few seconds, and then I knelt down to pick up my things.

I saw no one as I got up. I looked around searching for her, she was nowhere to be seen. I felt someone tapped my shoulder. I turned back and saw Antara standing there, smiling at me. I stretched my hand to touch her cheek, to make sure that she was real and that I was not hallucinating. I jumped in excitement after touching her and knowing that she was real; she laughed seeing my astonishment.

I hesitantly asked her, “Uh…What happened that…”

She interrupted me in between by saying, “Can we just let it go? Please?”

I was not sure what to do, “Oh, okay,” I said and passed a faint smile.

“Would you mind accompanying me to shop for vegetables?” I asked her.

“That’d be great!” she happily agreed.

We went to shop vegetables, and talked about random things. We also talked about how our lives have been. “I’ll go back to my hostel now. Buh-bye. It was great meeting you!” she said after a while.

“Oh okay” I said, and we both turned back to go to our respective places. (Also Read: Scared Words – A Tale of Unexpressed Feelings!)

A small smile played on my lips and my heart was hoping to meet her again. Ours was now one of those friendships where neither of us expected anything from each other, but just wished for each other to be happy!

Shorts Sails, By Namaswi Gupta

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