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And here I was, sitting on my study desk, and looking at all the beautiful pictures hanging in front of me. Some images were captured on my farewell day. Some were a window to my journey from a tomboy kid to a cheerful, over an energetic girl. Those pictures were of me, my friends, family and some teachers too.

Soon my attention turned to the scribbles in my notebook. They reminded me of the pain that I’ve been going through for a few years. They told me of the unexplainable peace which I got by scribbling those words on the page. Those scribbles were some of the feelings. They were the feelings which I wasn’t able to convey it to anyone. (Also Read: School Memories’ Poems: A Collection of My Experiences at My Second Home – RRRA!)

I did have words. And I did know how to frame them into sentences so that people who listen to them can understand everything I want to convey. But those words lacked the courage. They feared being misunderstood. They feared ignorance. They had a lot to express.

But they were scared. Thus those words hid on the last pages of the notebook.

Short Sails By Soumya Sonthaliya

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