Happy Teacher's Day Quotes and Wishes

They say, every individual you come across in life, has something or the other to teach you. Be it your friend or a family member, a random person or whomsoever, sometimes the most important lessons in life are guided by strangers, people who we haven’t known in real life!

I have had come across a lot of people in my life. We all have. To me, a lot of people have had some impact, or one can say, o have tried to learn something from every person I have connected with. There have been instances, where even lesser-known people and strangers have set examples which I have tried to follow.

In some of them, I have succeeded; in some, the work is still in progress. However, I have tried to absorb as much as I can. They say, life never stops teaching if you are willing to learn. In every aspect of life, there’s something to learn. Another Day, Another Life: Ode To The Bravehearts!

Right from our childhood, we come across different sets of people in various stages of life. Our parents, relatives, school teachers, friends et al.

In the list above, we live with the same set of people throughout our lives. However, a link that we often miss and that keeps changing is the set of ‘teachers’, as we grow and move ahead with time.

We don’t/haven’t even realise, but our school teachers, faculty members in high school, and professors in colleges have had the most significant impact in our life.

From folding a paper, to holding a pen; from manners to habits; from uttering an alphabet to recite a verse; from writing a word, to penning down this entire article — teachers in our life have contributed a lot in our nurturing, not just to see us grow as an educated person, but also a literate person.

When a Parent Teaches, It Raises a Good Child.
When a Teacher Teaches, It Nurtures an Entire Generation.

Every one of us had had our best teacher during our childhood. We still have that one professor whom we bank upon and look for guidance. Someone with whom we have talked during the break, someone with whom we have discussed after school hours. Someone with whom we have shared our secrets, and someone who let us off after being held guilty in some notorious activity.

You and I may not be in touch with them right now. Or on the contrary, there are chances that you still are. Mother’s Day Special: ‘Moms’ Have Always Been There For You!

It feels great to be in touch with those teachers who once gave you a pile of homework, and you thought you would not want to see him/her ever in life. But then, now you realise how amateurish it was back then to feel all of it.

This Teachers Day, try to get in touch with them. Ping them, call them, or if possible meet them. And thank them! Thank them for all the learnings that you have had in life. Tell them that they are special. Because you and I both know, how much of an impact they have had on us!

For me personally, I have had a lot of chances to meet my teachers in Dehradun after I left my school in 2008. The way they recall our childhood gives me goosebumps! The love and affection they shower on you are immeasurable. It has always been like that, and there is nothing that you can give them in return, except for love, respect and acknowledging the fact that, it is because of them, what we are today!

Thank you, mam/sir, if you are reading this.
I am thankful to you!
Happy Teachers Day.

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