The-Unexplored-Terrain_The-Jovial-Sailor_Soumya-Sonthaliya Tales of love, Motivational Talk, Romance, Dilemma

I see him. I do see through him. I can see how desperately he wants me to let him in. He wants to encounter my dark side. A side of me which I’ve hidden from everyone for a long time. No one has met me there. No one has been there. It was so dark in there.

It’s a forest with tall pinus trees standing up in crowds. It’s cold and foggy. Being there could freeze a person. There is nothing to see but fog. Nothing to touch but wood. There’s nothing to feel but cold.

How can I let a person enter such a horrible place when it’s the person who I love the most. I might scare him away. (Also Read: Scared Words – A Tale of Unexpressed Feelings!)
I once did try to show him a glimpse of that side. I still remember how terrified he was after what he saw. I can’t let him go through that again.
I know he loves me and he is ready to accept me for who I am. But how can I let him in if I fear to go there?
Written By: Soumya Sonthaliya
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